Peekskill Community Gardens

Client: Peekskill Gardens

Title: Working on 3D Logo and Key-chain

Duration: May 15th, 2013

Team: William Shost


This case study is being constructed to explain the challenges I had when creating a 3D logo and a 3D keychain in Maya. I will alk about the methods I used to create the images along with the tings that where hard for me and the ways in which I overcame them.

Let me start by saying that the class had a project brought to us by the Peekskill Gardens, we had to make a website, logo and fliers, along with some different things in a 3D environment. This is where I came in. I was the 3D person in the class along with Jess who had just started in 3D but knew enough to help out a great deal and get everything done that she needed too. We keychain was made in   Maya by Jess and then I changed it a little to fit the size and scale of the 3D printer. A 3D printer is a printer that creates 3D objects from a software package like Maya.

The logo looked like this:


And they keychain


The Inspiration and Research:

When I was first told about the project and what I had to do I did research on how to import images into maya from other programs that I would be using. Such as Adobe Illustrator, then how to create the logo in Maya. I also needed to research how to export the images from Maya to the 3D printer. Jess mt team member did research on what tools to create in Maya that would look good and achieve the task that was given by the Peekskill Garden people. I also did not have to find so much inspiration this project as most because I was luck and did not actually have to create anything. I got everything I needed given to me and just fixed or edited things that where already created.

Challenges and Strategy:

I had a great deal of challenges for this project. First being I had never made a logo in Maya so it was a challenge to figure it out. I also had a tough time finding the best tool for the 3D printer. I choose the hoe, or 3 pronged rake, it looked the best and was the easiest to fix and edit for the 3D printer. It also looked good with the logo stamped on it.

I also had challenges with the color of the logo and the rake, because it needed to match the color with the garden colors. I aso needed a color for the rake. At first I made it look like a rake with good lighting and color, but it needed to change to look like it would after it was created with the 3D printer. So I had to change everything to a solid green that it would look like when it was finished being created.


The end results of the project was amazing. The website look fantastic along with the wordpress page and banners. The logo and keychain look great and I am sure after the keychain is printed it will look amazing as well. The whole class did a very good job meeting the deadlines needed to complete the project on time. And everyone worked together well and had good team work . Here is the final view of what the keychain will look like after it comes out of the 3D printer.




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